Our Coffee Journey

By May Flowers

Last year my older sister and I decided to merge two businesses: flowers and coffee, and let me tell ya, it’s been an amazing journey.

Our vision: A space where all the feel good moments live.

Just like any journey, one of our first struggle was to balance the two aspects of the business. But like anything, with time and a lot of effort, we’re finding our groove and it feels so good! 

Each day leaves us saying, “That was a good day!”

- Annie Shuttin, Owner & Senior Florist Designer

After a session of emails, updating client files or our daily flower processing...we’re grateful to have our coffee shop at our fingertips.

Our recent favorite: Oak Milk Latte with 1 Pump of Vanilla. If you’re exploring non-dairy products options, Oak Milk is a must-try.

But our All-Time Fave? The almighty Rose Cardamom Black Tea Latte

This Rose Black Tea is lightly sweetened with Beet Juice & Rose water (List of Benefits)! Topped with cardamom seeds and dried rose petals; it’s an Instagram favorite.

Lastly, we are releasing our Staff's Secret Menu!