Round Wreath

Round Wreath


Wreaths are traditional symbols of eternal life. Our wreaths come in three sizes and are designed to be luscious with garden-inspired styling to suit the season of the year. All wreaths are unique and made to order. 

Select a colour palette to convey a person's personality or let us know below if there are specific flowers or colours you’d like included.

All arrangements are made with the finest seasonal materials with a preference for local and specialty flowers and foliage. Each arrangement is unique and designer's choice. We welcome design requests, but cannot guarantee specific materials.

The Details:

  • All wreaths are designed with a mix of blooms inspired by the season. The price points are as follows:
    • $200 (24" diameter wreath)
    • $250 (28" diameter wreath)
    • $300 (32" diameter wreath)
  • Flowers being sent to funeral homes should make note of who the service or viewing is for (the individual or the family name).